Vit Madr

He studied painting at Prof. Petr Skacel at the Art School in Brno and he has finished basic and extension studies at the Institute of Creative Photography.

He is the member of TT-Club Brno and The Professional Association of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic.

Until 1982 Vit Madr painted with oil - there were mostly proceeded pictures with urban theme, he was often using personifications.

Since 1987 he was concerned in "Transformations" - subjective document, where the final photograph is affected by special interventions during the exposure.

Since 1988 he goes for Arts - pictures or solid objects that consist of collages of hand coloured photographs or various articles. The author is calling them "Arts" because of their far connnection with Pop-Art and Op-Art. He is trying to express harmony of this world.

Finally since 1993 Vit Madr is making the cycle "Colours". He takes the advantage of mutual affecting of various liquids.

He lives and works in Brno, Czech Republic. E-mail: jam@madr.cz.

Author´s works are represented in many publications and privat and public interiors.



1984: Brno - Klub Satelit; 

1987: Brno - Klun Mladeze Brno I.; Brno - Vystavni sin KS Brno; Brno - Klub Topas; 

1989: Pisek - Galerie Mistral; 1990: Kromeriz - Kulturni dum; Brno - Klub Krenova; Lorient + Reims (France) (with R. Chatrny and R. Sedlacek); 

1997: Brno - Hvezdarna a planetarium; 

1998: Hradec Kralove - Informacni centrum; Brno - Galerie AB antikvariat; Znojmo - Galerie Zluta ponorka; Moravska Trebova - Galerie umelecke fotografie; Praha - Galerie Cybeteria; 

1999: Trebic: Galerie Malovany dum; Brno - Moravska galerie - Mistodrzitelsky palac; Praha - Galerie Radost FX; Hradec Kralove - Informacni centrum; Kolin - Mala galerie; Podebrady - Tee Haus Setkani; 

2000: Brno - Hvezdarna a planetarium; 

2001: Brno - Restaurant Bohema; 

2002:Hustopece - Galerie U Synku; Husovicky dvorek; Leipzig (Germany) - Nikolai-Eck Galerie.